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Chibi Cosmos' Grab Bag
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Welcome to the Grab Bag.This is my seccond spin-off of my main site,Cosmos' Pink Parasol.I love web graphics and I'm always making and collecting more.I decided to introduce this collection for all you Cosmos and Chibi Chibi fans. It's really really hard to find Cosmos or Chibi Chibi graphics.That's why I make most of my own.I'll display the ones I've found in my web graphics page on my main site.Everything is up for grabs.Just link me back if you take anything and credit me if you use my graphics in you own graphics collection.Don't forget to sign my G-book!
-Chibi Cosmos =)

Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi

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Cosmos' Pink Parasol

This site was established July 31st 2001