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Cosmos' Pink Parasol


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Hey Moonies! This page is for that discarded,all-around boring info that everybody loves.Bios give extra tidbits for those completely OBSESSED people,like me.I'm doing Cosmos' bio according to Sailor Moon's on some parts because she IS Sailor Moon form the future.Okay,let's go!
-Chibi Cosmos

Chibi Chibi

Name:Chibi Chibi
Traslation:Small Small;Small Child:Little Rini(in the anime)
Blood type:unknown,probably O
Favorite food:unknown,she seems to like cake and pudding
Least Favorite food:unknown
Favorite saying:"Chibi Chibi"
One word description:Kawaii
Profile:Chibi Chibi is a 2-3 year old sweet heart.She is Sailor Cosmos' disguise in the past.The only thing she can say is"Chibi Chibi"but she can repeat the last few words of a sentence when asked a question.She has strange powers like the abilty to hypnotize Serena/Usagi's family into beleiving she is SM's sister.She can also transform into Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.

Sailor Cosmos

Name:Usagi Tsukino(Cosmos IS Sailor Moon)
Translation:Rabbit of the Moon
Age:Unknown,a least a thousand
Birthday:June 30th
Blood type:O
Favorite Food:Cake and ice cream
Least favorite food:carrots
Favorite saying:unknown
One word description:Mysterious
Profile:Sailor Cosmos is Sailor Moon's ultimate form.She comes to the future to help SM make the right choice and destroy the Galaxy Cauldren.That would end the wars to come in the future.So Cosmos goes back in the form of Chibi Chibi to help protect and guide SM.

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