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Hello and welcome to my news and updates page.Now for some recent updates!
I changed the welcome gif. on the main page.
Added some new comments to the Cosmos info.
Added some new news.
Fixed the information.
Fixed some mistakes in the Rumors.
Re-added links page.
Added new question.
Added About Me page.
Added new Chibi Cosmos Gifs on main page.
Revamped background.
Redid main page.
Changed buttons.
Updated updates (he he he)

Last update was: July 18th, 2002
-Chibi Cosmos


Cosmos Courier

New Sailor Moon?

A new Sailor Moon? Actually, I've recently heard lots of rumors that Ms. Naoko Takeuchi will be starting a new chapter of Sailor Moon. I have no idea or proof that these rumors are true, but I certainly hope they are. The last message in Sailor Stars Book no. 3 was heart breaking!I think everyone will be looking forward to it, and I hope to find further news to solidify this rumor. Thank you.
-Chibi Cosmos

If you have any important information you would like to share, please email me and I will add a report with your information. I will also give you credit for the info ou give me. Email me by clicking on the "Email Me" button on my homepage.
-Chibi Cosmos