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Hi everyone! I know it's been ages since I've done         something to this place, but I'm trying to fix it up now.
Hopefully  I'll find some time to whip up some new graphics and revamp the place, so it's looking snazzier. I'm getting a lot better with the graphics and html so look forward to a more sophisticated page! Thanks!
Luv ya
Please don't take the moving .gifs without my permission! I slaved to make those and I'm very pleased with them. If you want one, email me via the button below and I will give permission.

The most beautiful picture of Cosmos

Hi everyone! I'm Chibi Cosmos!

click here to play music!!!

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These are a few kawaii Cosmos sites. They helped contribute to my site and I owe them all a BIG thanks ! The last site has a cute banner and is owned by a Sailor Cosmos (^.~)

Thank you, everyone!

click here to go to Guardian Cosmos! (It's very kawaii)

Sailor Cosmos Fan Club

Cosmos and Chibi Chibi-The Truth

lady_elf_shedheniel got their Neopet at

scented // Lily of the Valley