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"Embracing their memories" By: anonymous

Part 1:Memories

"MotherI dont want to go to earth," the princess stated.
"What am I going to do with you Serenity? Earth is a beautiful place, and its only for two months. Besides the Inner Senshi of your Court are going with you," Queen Serenity said.
"WellI guess so. At least I wont be alone," she finally said.
"Earthits isbeautiful," Princess Serenity gasped as she was escorted to the palace.
"I dont think its that nice," Princess Rei said. They were being approached by five figures. The servants who were escorting the five Princesses stopped and bowed.
"Princess Serenity," the tall man took her hand and kissed it, "I am Prince Endymion. You are truly as beautiful as I have been told," this caused Serenity to blush.
"Please just call me Serena," she said.
"Serenathese are my four generals. Nephrite, Kunzite, Jedite, and Zoicite," he said.
"These are my friends. Princess Ami of Mercury, Princess Rei of Mars, Princess Makoto of Jupiter, and Princess Minako of Venus. They are also my four guardians," she said. After the introductions they were led to their bedrooms in the palace. The five Princesses were sitting and talking in Serenitys room. Serenity was sitting at the vanity table were there was a gift from the Prince on it. She opened the box, and inside was a star locket. She opened it and beautiful music began to play. When it stopped she shut the lid carefully.
"I think Ill enjoy my two months here," Serena said.
"I dont trust him Serena," Rei said.
"Yeahhe is a bit creepy looking," Ami said.
"You guys Serenity would never let us come if he was evil," Minako said.
"Besides, Serena deserves a bit of a vacation away from her home. And I think shes already got a crush on the Prince," Makoto said. Serena flushed again.
"Look at her faceshe does," Minako said.
"Yes wellsomeone seems to have a crush on Lord Kunzite," Serena replied and Minako instantly flushed.
"Im going for a walk in the rose gardens. I hear they are as beautiful as the ones on the moon," Serena said as she stood up.
"Do you want one of us to go with you," Ami asked.
"Aminothing will happen," she said as she left her room. She was admiring the beautiful roses, when she saw the Prince walk towards her.
"Did you get my gift?" he asked as he handed her a rose.
"Yes, I did. Its quite lovelythank you," Serena blushed, but Prince Endymion didnt seem to notice.
"There is a ball tonight. Would you and your court grace us with your presence?" he asked her. Serena couldnt help noticing how incredibly handsome he was under the suns setting light. Now she was starting to think like Minako and Makoto.
"Well be there. Tell me Prince Endymionwhy are you trying so hard to charm me?" she asked him catching him off guard.
"UmI uhoh forgive me," he stammered.
"For what?" Serena asked.
"This," he kissed her. To his surprise, she returned his kiss. When they released each other, Serena blushed and turned to go to her room.
Back in Serenas room
"Girlsweve been invited to a ball," Serena said as she walked in, her cheeks had finally returned to their normal color.
"Wow a ball" Minako said. She just loved to dance. They all returned to their rooms to prepare themselves. Luna, Serenitys guardian and friend, whom was also a cat, was sitting on Serenas dresser watching the Princess.
"Ive never seen you so flustered Serena," she said.
"I dont know why I am. I guess I just want to see Endymion again. Lunado you think Im falling in love with him?" she asked her. Luna, after all, had been Serenas best friend since birth.
"Oh, no doubt. Excuse me Serena" she said as she jumped off the table and left the room.
"Excuse me youre highness," Luna said as she entered the room.
"Lunamy plans have changed, Im need back on the moon. So Im leaving tonight before the ball," she told her.
"Queen Serenityyou should tell the Princess that her court will be leaving next week. She thinks theyre going to be with her for the whole two months," Luna said.
"Youre right Luna. I will tell her now," Queen Serenity said as she walked to her daughters room. She knocked on the door, and her daughter greeted her with a hug.
"Serenitywe need to talk. Im need back home so I will be leaving shortly. Im sorry I have to miss the ball," she said.
"Thats okay mother, I understand," Serena said.
"And about your courtthey will be returning to their own homes next week for a visit. Theyve been away for so long" Queen Serenity saw tears form in her daughters eyes. By now all of the Senshi were in Serenas room.
"So Ill be here by myself for almost 2 months," Serena ran from the room.
"Oh, no. Girls could you please find her?" Serenity asked them as the girls left the room after Serenity. It was Prince Endymion who found her sitting in the rose garden. He noticed that she was crying.
"Is something wrong Princess?" Endymion asked, she spun around startled to hear his voice. She had not heard anyone approach her.
"Nonothings wrong," she stood to leave. When she turned to walk away from him he gently grabbed her arm to stop her.
"Is it something I did?" he asked her. She turned to face him, but before she could answer a youma appeared behind her. Endymion pulled her towards him and hugged her close to his body.
"Run" he whispered to her, then pushed her in the opposite direction of the monster.
"NoMoon Prism Power Make Up!" she yelled. Endymion watched as ribbon and light surrounded her, when he could see her again, Sailor Moon stood in her place.
"And who do you think you are?" the youma asked.
"I am the Sailor Suited Pretty Soldier, Sailor Moon. I fight for love and justice, and on behalf of the Moon Kingdom, I will right all wrongs and triumph over eviland that means you!" she said.
"Ha! Surrender your power to the Negaverse!" the youma yelled as it swiped at Sailor Moon.
"I dont think so! Crescent Beam Smash!" a voice yelled. The other four Sailor Senshi dropped down in front of Prince Endymion and Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon held up her mothers crescent moon wand above her head.
"Moon Crystal Power!" she yelled, and a white light shone from the crystal, but the monster just turned to face her again.
"Fire Soul!"
"Shabon Spray!"
"Supreme Thunder!"
"Crescent Beam Smash!" The Senshi yelled their attacks at the back of the youma. Yet it still wasnt enough to defeat it. Sailor Moon once again held up the wand.
"Moon Crystal Power!" This time the monster was turned to moon dust. Serena immediately turned back to her true form and sank to her knees.
"Serenaare you alright?" Princess Ami said. The other girls had transformed back as well.
"Ill be fine," she said as she took Endymions hand to stand up.
"What exactly was that, Endymion?" Rei asked, accusingly.
"It was a monster from Sage Barils evil Negaverse," he said.
"Ive never fought anything so strong before," Serena said as she tried to stand on her own, but she fell. She closed her eyes, expecting to feel pain, and the cold ground. Yet instead she fell into Endymions strong embrace.
"Whats wrong?" he asked her.
"She used the crystal. When she does that it uses some of her own energy. Since she used it twice shes very weak. Its also very dangerous," Princess Minako said. With that Prince Endymion picked up Serena and carried her all the way back to the palace. Queen Serenity and Queen Madiha, Endymions mother, were standing outside waiting for the Senshi.
"Oh, my dear Serenitywhat happened?" Queen Serenity said when she saw the Prince carrying her.
"She had to use the crystal. It was some sort of weird monster," Princess Rei said. Endymion set Serena down since she insisted she was fine.
"Ill see you tonight Prince Endymion," she curtsied and left with her mother. While he other Princesses left for their own rooms.
In Serenas room
"Im sorry I have to go. And I should have told you about your friends"
"Mother, its okay. Besidestwo months here, doesnt seem so bad," Serena said.
"Oh, Serenitythen I will see you. Good bye, dear, and be on your best behavior," Serenity hugged her daughter.
"Good bye," Around 7:30 that night the other Princesses entered Serenas room. Serena was clipping two pearl barrettes into her hair. She was wearing her favorite white gown.
"Hey, Meatball Headyou ready to go yet?" Rei asked her.
"Just about," she said as she walked out of her dressing room, "you guys look great," she exclaimed. Rei was wearing a red dress, Minako a golden yellow dress, Ami a pale blue dress, and Makoto an emerald green dress, all of them were similar styles to Serenas.
"You look good tooIm sure the Prince will think so also." Serena flushed. The Princesses walked to the great hall, two servants opened the opened the large doors.
"Announcing Princess Serenity and the Royal Court Of The Moon," one of them said. Serena saw Prince Endymion approach her.
"Princess," he said as he bowed, Serena curtsied, "you look lovely tonight," he said, then kissed her hand.
"You are too charming for your own good, my Prince," she cold feel her face turn bright red.
"May I have this dance?" he asked as he extended his hand, she took his hand. The other Princesses were dancing with the four generals when Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity walked out onto the terrace.
"Prince Endymionyour rose garden is so beautiful. I used to think that Earth would be a very dull place to be. But it seems I was wrong," Serena said.
"It appears to have become even more beautiful since you arrived," he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him for a kiss
"USAGI! TELEPHONE!" a voice called. Usagi woke up. The dream, it had seemed so real, but was that all it was? Just a dream? She grabbed the phone from beside her bed.
"I got it mom!" she yelled. She waited till she heard the downstairs phone hang up.
"Hello?" Usagi said groggily.
"Usagi-chanits Makoto. Meeting at the dojo, ASAP. Bye," Makoto hung up the phone. Usagi got dressed and walked downstairs. It was when she passed the hall mirror that she stopped. She looked at her forehead, her moon crescent was showing. She ran into the bathroom to cover it up with make-up. Hopefully it wouldnt show through until she got to the dojo. Usagi quickly ran out the door. Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, Luna, and Artemis were already there waiting for Usagi.
"What took you so long?" Makoto asked a bit annoyed. Usagi took her hand and wiped the make-up from her forehead.
"You crescentits glowing," Minako said. Usagi nodded her head.
"Thats not all. Ive been having dreamsabout all of us and our past,"
"Usagiwhat was the dream?" Luna asked.
"Umwell we were going to earth for a visit. I guess it was" she said.
"The first time you met Prince Endymion," Artemis finished for her.
"Usagithose arent just dreamsthose are your memories," Luna said. She remembered the occasion Usagi was talking about quite well.
"Then why am I getting them just now? Its been four years since I found out I was the moon princess," Usagi asked. She was no longer a frightened 14 year-old girl, rather an 18 year old young woman who was getting braver with each youma and daimon that attacked her and her friends. She already knew that she was going to grow up to be the mother of Chibi Usa and the ruler Neo Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century.
"Yeah, really Luna," Minako said. Luna and Artemis did not know why this was. Usagi left the group and headed towards the Arcade. On her way she bumped into Mamoru, (literally).
"Sorry Mamo-chan," Usagi said as he helped her up.
"Whats wrong Usako?" he asked.
"Ive been having dreams of the Silver Millennium. But Luna says theyre memories," she said as they walked into the arcade.
"Why now?" Mamoru asked her. Usagi just shock her head. They walked into the arcade.
"Hey Mamoru-san, Usagi-chan!" Andrewsaid as they walked in. He still did not know how Mamoru and Usafi had gotten together as a couple.
"Hi Andrew,"
"Wow, Usagi, you look really bummed," Andrew said. Usagi sat down on Mamorus lap. There was no possible way she could tell him what was wrong. Just then Usagis communicator beeped and they both jumped up.
"Sorry Andrewwe gotta go" Mamoru said as he and Usagi ran out the door. The youma was closer than they thought. In fact it was right outside the Arcade. Mamoru and Usagi couldnt transform in time, without being seen by onlookers, and were pushed harshly back into the Arcade.
"Where is Serenity?" the youma ordered, as it scanned the group of frightened people. Then he saw the crescent moon that had once again appeared on Usagis forehead.
"Stay away from her!" Mamoru yelled. Andrew was in complete shock.
"Usagiwhats going on?" he asked and also saw the crescent.
"Mamo-chan!" Usagi yelled. There was a flash of light and when Andrew could see again, Mamoru and Usagi were gone, and the Sailor Senshi were fighting the youma.
"OhUsako, are you okay?" Mamoru asked as he gradually woke up. Usagi was dressed as the Moon Princess and was looking around her.
"Im okayI guess," she finally said.
"Where are we?" Mamoru asked, not really to Usagi.
"Home" she said. Mamoru then realized they were on the moo.
"But how?"
"Mother must have" Just then a small figure appeared right in front of them, it was Queen Serenity.
"My darling Serenity, youve grown so much. I only wished I could have seen you grow up myself. Prince Endymion, you have taken such good care of her. I thank you. I brought you here, because it is time for both of you to embrace your destiny," she said.
"Our destiny, mother?"
"The years of ice and cold have arrived, you, Endymion, and your court will stay here on the moon, until you are strong enough to rid the world of the evil that plauges it. I know of your future as Queen, and of my grandchild Chibi-UsaI shall transport ALL of the Senshi here from earth,"
"But where will we stay," Mamoru asked her. Serenity pointed behind them to the newly rebuilt Moon Palace.
"This is the start of the New Silver Millennium and the New Moon Colony," she said.

Part 2: Embracing Their Destiny
"Haruka? Do you think that you and Michiru could come to the dojo? Something major has happened," Makoto said over the phone.
"What happened?" Haruka asked.
"Something has happened to Usagi-chan and Mamoru-sanI cant really explain it," Makoto replied.
"Okaywell be right over" she said as she hung up the phone.
"Now all we have to do is track down Hotaru" she said to herself, " any luck you guys" she asked as she walked into Reis room.
"Not yetwait a minutehere! There are several in here. One of them is for Tomoe labs though," Ami said.
"Well try them all then" Minako said as she picked up the phone and dialed the first number.
"Hello?" the voice at the other end said.
"Hellomy name in Minako AinoIm looking for Hotaru Tomoe," she replied sweetly into the phone.
"Im sorry dearyou have the wrong number" the voice said.
"Sorry...bye," she said as she hung up, " wrong number" she said to the others. Minako dialed the next number. No one even picked it up, so she dialed the next number on Amis list.
"Hello?" the voice said through the phone.
"Hellomy name is Minako Aino" she was cut off.
"Mina-chan! Oh, my gosh! How did you get this number?" the voice asked.
"Hotaru? Finally" Minako said. The other girls cheered.
"Whats up Mina-chan?" Hotaru asked.
"We need you to come to the dojosomethings happened to Usagi-chan and Mamoru-san," she said, "Haruka and Michiru are on their way now too," she finished.
"OkayIll be there as fast as I can" she said and hung up the phone. Shortly after Minako hung up the phone Haruka and Michiru walked into Reis room.
"Hey guyswhats up?" Michiru asked.
"We should wait until Hotaru gets here" Makoto said.
"Oh, you found herwe didnt think of itwe could have called her since we have her new number," Haruka said. Minako fell on her face.
"Now you tell me," she said as Ami and Makoto helped her up. Shortly afterwards Hotaru was let in by Reis grandfather.
"Well, were all here now," Rei said.
"Well, most of us anyway," Luna said.
"Okay. So are you going to tell us what happened?" Hotaru asked. Luna looked away with tears in her eyes as Artemis placed Serenas transformation locket in the center of the group.
"Thats Usagi-chans" Michiru stated. They all heard the beeper at the same time. Ami quickly lifted the lid on her portable computer.
"What is it?"
"We have and unidentified daimon attacking the OSAP shop," she quickly said.
"Lets go then!" Hotaru said.
"URANUS PLANET POWER!" They all yelled and they transformed into the Sailor Senshi, (minus three). As they entered the OSAP store they saw the daimon holding Usagis friend hostage.
"I wondered how long it would take you to get here," the daimon said as he released the girl.
"Youre going down daimon!" Sailor Saturn yelled, "DEATH REBORN REVOLUTION!" but the attack missed. The daimon trapped all of the Senshi in a liquid force field that was getting smaller and smaller.
"We need Sailor Moon!" Sailor Mars said.
"I know! But what can we do?" Sailor Venus asked. Suddenly
"PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK!" two voices yelled at the same time. The two attacks hit the daimon and the force field disappeared.
"Pluto! Chibimoon!" Sailor Neptune yelled.
"Need some help?" Pluto asked.
"Sure could," Uranus replied.
"Well nowthere are two more of you, but that wont stop me," the daimon said with confidence in her powers.
"SUPREME THUNDER!" the senshi yelled their attacks and the monster was destroyed.
"Heywheres mom?" Chibimoon asked. The senshi looked at their feet.
"Sorry Chibimoonwe dont know," she said. Just then their vision started to swirl into colors. When their vision cleared they were no longer standing in the OSAP store, they didnt know where they were. Chibimoon was cautiously watched three figures approach them, the other senshi hadnt seen them yet.
"Chibimoon?" the voice of one of the figures asked. The other Senshi turned around and took a battle stance until they saw who the three people were.
"Queen Serenity?" Luna asked.
"Yes Luna. My dear friend, thank you for all you have done to help the princess," Queen Serenity said. Endymion and P. Serenity stopped in front of their friends.
"Mother?" Chibimoon asked Queen Serenity, the resemblance was very astounding.
"No, Chibi Usa. This is your grandmotherQueen Serenity," Endymion stated as he picked up his future daughter.
"But how is it possible, your majesty?" Artemis asked her looking at Luna who once again had tears in her eyes.
"I have been granted life for 48 hours to help my daughter and the Sailor Senshi into the time of darkness," she replied picking up Luna and Artemis.
"Time of darkness?" Saturn asked.
"The time of darkness just before the age of the New Silver Millennium," she replied. The scouts and the royal family headed to the palace of the New Moon Colony.
Minako had returned the Ginzouisho, (Silver Crystal), to Usagi, who was now using her real name and title.
"MotherI need to ask you a favor," Serenity asked her mother.
"What is it darling?" the queen asked.
"I would like to say goodbye to the family I was born into in this life," she replied.
"Very well," she said.
"I would like it very much if you would come with me," the princess said to her mother.
"You would?"
"You are my motherI want you there so they will know what I say is true. And I believe you should meet them."
"Alright then. We shall go now, Endymion thought that you would say goodbye so he is staying here with the Senshi and Chibi Usa," the queen said and in a flash of light they were standing outside the house of Usagi Tsukino.
"Are you alright?" her mother asked her.
"Im fine, mother. You?" Usagi asked her.
"I will be, I have waited years to meet the people who looked after you," she said as Usagi led her to the front door and opened it. Shingo was walking by when he spotted his sister and a woman that looked exactly like her.
"Uhmomdad, youd better come here for a minute," Shingo said still looking at the pair in the doorway.
"What is it Shingo?" his mother asked as she walked into the hallway and froze, "darling, come here please," she called to her husband.
"Huh? Usagiwho is this woman?" Kenji Tsukino asked her.
"Maybe you had all better sit down," Queen Serenity said. To lessen the shock Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity were wearing civilian clothing from the present time period.
"Okay where do I start?" P. Serenity said to herself.
"How about who this woman is?" Ikuko said.
"Wellokay. Ikuko, Kenji, Shingo" she started to say.
"Why did you call us by our first names, Usagi?" Kenji asked.
"Be quiet and let her talk," Ikuko said hushing her husband.
"As I was sayingthis is Queen Serenitymy mother" she said. Her parents stared at her in shock.
"Usagi what are you saying?" Ikuko asked in shock.
"Serenitylet me," the queen said.
"Serenity? But her names Usagiyour name is Serenity" Shingo stammered.
"You are very right young man. Up to a certain point. You see 1000 years ago, Usagi, as you called her, was princess to the moon kingdom in the Silver Millennium. But the dark forces escaped and the peace was shattered. Her court, the Sailor Senshi, was killed, as was Prince Endymion of Earth and herself. I sacrificed my own life to save her court, Endymion, and herself and send them to a future on earth. I thank you for keeping her safe all this time," Queen Serenity said. Both Serenitys left their disguises and sat before them as Queen and Princess.
"So what you say is truebut if youre deadthen how can you be here," Ikuko asked the Queen.
"I was granted life for two days to help my daughter into the dark times which will lead to the New Silver Millennium," she replied, but before she could go any further a beep was heard from P. Serenitys communicator.
"Your highnesses, Chibi Usa must leave for the future before the daimons arrive,"
"Thank you Plutowell be back in a minute," P. Serenity said.
"What! Youre leaving! Chibi Usa is going too!" Kenji stated rater loudly as the two royalties stood up.
"Chibi Usa is from the future, my futureIm sorry. I love you all goodbye," Serenity said as she and her mother disappeared into a cloud of mist.
"USAGI!!!!!!!" Ikuko yelled when they were gone and collapsed into her husbands arms crying.
"Goodbye everyone!" Chibi Usa yelled as she walked through the time gates. P. Serenity waved as she watched her future daughter return to her own time. The time of darkness that was fast approaching could not be as bad if Chibi Usa came out of it.
"My darlingmy time is almost uplisten carefully. I will always be with you in heart, in mind, and in spirit. Im sorry things had to be like this, but we can not change our destiny. You have learned of you own and know what to do. I love you Serenity. And Sailor Senshithank youLuna and ArtemisI am sorry I could not stay longer to be with you, I have enjoyed talking with you once again and I shall always remember this time in my heartgoodbye all of you" she said as her body disappeared and turned into star dust. The silvery dust swirled around the Princes and clung to her tears, then it disappeared all together.
"Goodbye motherI know we will meet again somedayI just know it," Serenity said. Then slowly all of the Senshi, Serenity, and Endymion entered the Palace. All of their rooms were marked with the symbol of their planet, as had the original Moon Palace. Endymion and Serenity were standing on the recreated star balcony. The very place they had been killed together over 1000 years ago, watching the world turn black, then freezing over completely. They both knew there was nothing that they could do for the people of earth. Nothing yet anyway. But they also knew that they would free the world eventually. And it was that knowledge that kept them from going to earth to share its fate.