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Luna P's Chibi Moon Shrine
Chibi Moon Pictures :)
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Dare to enter the realm of BlackLady...

 Hi! I'm Sailor Luna P! :)

Hi! I'm Sailor Luna P. Welcome to my Chibi Moon Shrine. Feel free to look around.My site is still under construction so things will change from time to time.
-Sailor Luna P :)



HI! I haven't been working on this site in like..forever. Well here I am! I have a million more pics to put up, And the one above is an award I got for cutest rini site. I can't remember who I got it was a long time ago, but thanks! I'll work hard to whip this place into shape and just hang in there. Luv ya!

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Please don't take this, I made it.

I made this too, please don't take it

I love harry potter, and I'm sure some of you do too, BUT DON'T TAKE THESE!

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You are the....

person to come to my Shrine!