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Moonlit Eyes
Take the Sailor Moon Quiz!! (NEW) ^-^

Welcome to my Sailor Moon Quiz. Find out how much you know about Sailor Moon. Are you a Total Fanatic or are you just a wannabe? Find out with my new quiz. The answers are at the bottom of the page.


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1. When is Serena's birthday? Is it

A: December 10 B: October 22

C: June 30 D: April 17

3. Who used the Tranformation Pen to turn into Sailor Moon when Serena was in trouble? Was it

A: Darien B: Mina

C: Rini D:Raye

Melvin says he is afraid of aligaters because what hit him in the head?
A.Fake Lizard B.Scary Mask
C.alligater-skin purse D.alligater-skin boots

The answers are C,C,B,D,C

2. Which Sailor Scout is the best cook? Is it

A: Mercury B: Neptune

C: Jupiter D: Mars

4.Which Scout holds the "Space Sword" as her talisman?
A.Sailor Moon B.Sailor Neptune
C.Sailor Saturn D.Sailor Uranus

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