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About Me

Hey Moonies!This is a brand new page...all about me!

Interview with Chibi Cosmos. The questions were asked by me, one of her close friends, Megami. ~grin~

Q:Who is Chibi Cosmos?
A: Me.
Q: But who are you really?
A: I just am. I guess, another protector of the Cosmos. I'm in no way related to Chibi Moon, I think.
Q: What's the Chibi for?
A: I'm the smaller protector of the Cosmos. I'm not Sailor Cosmos and I won't ever be. I just am.
Q: What is your purpose?
A: To keep and maintain this site. What did you think? *giggle* That I was on some sorta secret mission.
Q: Is that your only purpose?
A: The only one I'm going to tell you.
Q: How old are you?
A: Very old. Very very very old. I'm not quite sure. As I stated before, I just am. I look about 14 though.
Q: Why do you keep up this site?
A: Because I want to.*snigger* Nah, it's my purpose, remember? My job is to inform the world about Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi.
Q: If you look 14, why is your hair like Chibi Chibi's?
A: It's my style. Cork screws and heart buns, baby! *^.~*

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