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Some of these backgrounds have been resized to save space.
If one of these graphics is yours and you do not want it on my page, email me. I'm not quite sure where all of these came from. Plus, my friends emailed me a lot of things. So, Email me if you have a problem.

La la la....I took down the Cosmos and Chibi Chibi (non-moving) Gifs. I posted them in my
"non-credit-giving" days. Now I feel horrible. ::weep!:: Gee, I used the prefix "non" alot in this notice. Non non non non non....that's kinda fun. Well, enjoy da graphics. Non non non...


This works great for an image page! ^-^

A good backgroud for any page!

A cool backgroud that looks great on sites and computers! ^-^

This background was made by Lita of the Sailor Cosmos Fan Club!

2 cute!

another cutie!


I'm seein' ddoouubbllee!(that word is double for those of you w/ bad eyes)LOL

This one's 2222222 CUTE!

A lovely separator

The next 3 separators are from the SCFC



A beautiful button! ^-^

A very cute icon! ^-^

Gifs and Moving Gifs made by me!

Chibi Chibi!