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Cosmos' Pink Parasol


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This page will be for awards.The ones I have won will be on the top. If you don't care about MY awards(I completely understand) scroll down to the bottom to see the awards YOU can win.
-Chibi cosmos

Awards I've won

Click to go to Starlight Memories,the site that gave me this award!

You like me! You really like me!

Thanks Mars!!

Click here to go to the Sanctuary of Fire!

For the year 2001!

Click to go to ~Neo Chibi Cosmos~,the site that gave me this award

Awards you can win

Because I'm an idiot I decided to show the awards.I've realized my mistake and have decided to delete the awards you can view.You can still apply for an award below or email me! I've also decided to add rules to the awards.
1.Must be Sailor Moon related
2.I must like it(that's easy ^o^)
3.No more than 4 broken links
4.Please sign my guest book!!!
5.Please choose ONE award. As in uno,1,one! I had people ask for four or five and that's just too many. I was on overload. One is good.
-Chibi Cosmos

About the Awards

What your site needs for a certain award!
Chibi Chibi's Cute Site: Your site needs to be cute(Duh!)
I'm New: Your site needs to be under 4 months old
Going Up!: For a newer site(4 months and up)off to a good start!
Great Character Shrine: Your site needs to be about one character from Sailor Moon.
Great Villan Shrine: Needs to be about a villan from Sailor Moon.
Great Anime Site: Your site needs to be about or have info on the Sailor Moon anime!
Great Manga Site: Duh!!Your site needs to be about or have info on the Sailor Moon manga(go manga!)
Great Image Gallery: Your site MUST have lots of images!
Great Lovers Shrine: Your site MUST be devoted to the lovers of Sailor Moon(Usagi and Mamoru,Chibi Usa and Helios,ext.)
Great Sailor Cosmos Site: HELLO!!Your site MUST be about Sialor Cosmos.No more explaing needed.
Lovely Site: Your site needs a good layout with matching colors(nothing that hurts the eyes)with beautiful graphics.
Sailor Mercury's Smart Award: For a site with good info!
Sailor Moon's "what a great site!"Award: For an all-around great site!!


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