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Okay! This is the Fanfic page.My fanfic will be on this page.All other will be linked on the bottom of this page.My story won't be complete for awhile because I'm adding it in chapters.Enjoy!
-Chibi Cosmos
Sadly(sniff),this fanfic will not (i think)feature Sailor Cosmos,Chibi Cosmos(that's comming soon),or Chibi Chibi.

A Light In The Darkness
Sun's Story
By:Chibi Cosmos

Chapter 1
The Dream

It was dark.Black.Cate Manderson tried to scream,but nothing happened.She couldn't breathe!She gasped and sputtered,her lungs aching from lack of air.She tried to think but everything was fuzzy.Cate began to lose conciousness.Everthing was spinning before her eyes...
When Cate awoke again she was on her knees.Before her stood a figure bathed in moonlight.Cate stood up and breathed in the cold air.
"Sun.Protecting star of Earth,"the figure spoke.She had a voice like music,melodious and sweet.Her long hair swept behind her."Your awakening was forbidden.But now is the time to succumb to your destiny.We need your help.Awaken and protect."
"Wait! Don't leave! Who are you? What do you want?Why do you keep bringing me here?"shouted Cate.
"Awaken and protect...."the girl began to fade away.The darkness engulfed Cate once more.
"Beep! Beep! Beep!"Cate rolled over in bed and reached out her hand.She tapped the "snooze" button on her alarm clock lightly.
"I definently need the extra five minutes."she thought.Closing her eyes,Cate tried to recall the girl from her dream."She reminds me of someone.But who?Not Skylar.Skye's too fun loving and not at all serious.Maybe Molly.No! She doesn't look like that.Serena?No way!She alway late and much too clumzy to fill that role.Arrggg! Who is it?"Cate tried even harder to remember,but the memory of the dream was fading.Just like the girl had."What did she call me?Sun?That makes no sense!"Cate said aloud.Then, she glanced at her alarm clock."6:04.Time to get going."She hummed as she got ready for school.

Chapter 2
Kitty Eyes

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-Chibi Cosmos

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